Hospitality and Real Estate are two such sectors which have large number of players in them but are still highly unorganised up to a large extent. Quality living spaces are something on which still people have to compromise these days. This is a socio-economic problem, which has been taken up by OYO for proper fixing with the help of technology.

With a promising mission of creating great quality living spaces, OYO has completed the target of becoming a 100% leased & franchised hotel chain in the year 2018. In which they tie up with an existing and not-so-well-performing hotel building for their renovation. The entire renovation is done as per OYO’s branding and quality standards & promises to deliver core services are fulfilled.

Currently, OYO is offering an array of services under their bucket, namely:

  • SilverKey (Corporate Apartments)
  • OYO Living (millennial housing)
  • Pallete (Resorts)
  • OYO Homes (Vacation rentals)

It’s been observed in the year 2018 that number of room nights stayed has increased from 6m in December 2016 to 13m in December 2017 to 75m in December 2018 globally. This shows the growth to be at 5.7x on y-o-y basis.

Here in this visual, I have tried creating a glimpse of the recent journey of OYO taken. OYO aspires to become the largest Hotel Company in the world and this seems pretty evident from the visuals herewith.

Analysis of OYO Business Model

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