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Hello, we are a husband wife duo who are the Founders and the Bloggers behind dhandhoinvestor.com. He is an IIT graduate and she is an MBA from FMS, we are on the quest of becoming financially independent since the time we joined our first job after college and would love to share our stories/experience/struggle with all of you. Blogging is going to become a way of expressing our views while we are on the path of living a Financially Independent life.

Do you also want to be financially independent? Do you also want to invest your money? Do you also want to create business assets that are in turn making money for you? If answer to all the above questions is a YES, great you’re at the perfect site!

We would like you all to know our version of DhandhoInvestor first, it’s basically Dhandha (Business) & Investment. We hail from the typical Baniya families where Dhandha is something which is in every one’s blood and a wise Investment into the dhandha is the biggest crucial element of all.

Since childhood we have seen our family members talking of business nuances every day at the dinner table and have countless times visited our close relatives at their respective business sites. Seeing their choices of business investment and how they are carrying it ahead for staying profitable in the market was something like an everyday story for us. Although, HE when begun with his IIT days found himself a lot interested of investment into equity & mutual funds to be precise. He began his investment expedition with INR 1000/- back in the year 2012 and HE can confidently say this is his life’s one of the best decisions. He loves reading about different businesses, understanding their management philosophies and financials, comprehending how they’re performing quarter on quarter basis keeping their promises intact etc.

Then again SHE was keen onto developing a business system for herself which she could run pouring her heart and soul into & this interest of her led us to venture into a business as well which started back in the year 2017, which is on a good path right now we would say. We would love to share our experiences of reading about businesses, investing in them and finally doing a business in reality via this blog with you all.

Let us tell you, what you should expect when landing on my blog page. We mostly write about:

· Investment

· Business

· Books Deliberation

· Personal Finance Management

So, this was all about us and our blog. Hope You all will embrace this blog just like our previous one www.finaacle.com

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